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Stefan Gruenwald, MD, PhD (Genautica US, Diagnomics)
Dan Scholefield (Genautica US, Three Layer Capital)
Min Seob Lee, PhD (Diagnomics)

President & CEO of Diagnomics, Inc.

Website: Diagnomics - Biotechnology Industry

April 2011 - Present

Diagnomics Inc. is a newly established biotech company at the heart of the Biotech Beach in San Diego, California. The company's focus is on products and services for personalized medicine with emphasis on personal genome and advanced bioinformatics analysis. We aim to provide the highest possible quality genome sequencing service and annotation solution from next generation sequencing (NGS) technology to guide personalized medicine based on an individual's genetic difference. Diagnomics provides full personal genome sequencing and interpretation solutions to biomedical researchers, physicians and individuals seeking to understand the genetic influence of personal health and disease. To see a demo of our highly advanced annotation suites, visit us on YOUTUBE for the Cancer Annotation System (CAS) and the Personalized Genome Annotation System (PAS). Led by internationally recognized genome and bioinformatic scientists and engineers, Diagnomics' team successfully sequenced and analyzed many normal and diseased human genomes including individuals with various cancers and rare genetic diseases. Our vision is developing complete solutions for personal genome sequencing and analysis pipelines which will enable the sequencing of individual genomes as part of routine medical care. Our technology will provide individualized strategies for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease based on information obtained from personal genomes.

Past Positions:
Chief Technical Officer, GenomeCare
Privately Held; Biotechnology industry
April 2010 - March 2011

Vice President, Theragen Bio Institute, Korea
Non-profit; Biotechnology industry
March 2010 - March 2011

Senior Group Leader, Diagnostic Development, Sequenom
Public Company; NASDAQ:SQNM; Biotechnology industry
November 2005 - September 2009

Senior Manager, Genaissance Pharmaceuticals
Public Company; NASDAQ:GNSC; Biotechnology industry
December 2000 - October 2005

Consultant, DoubleTwist Bioinformatics
Privately Held; Internet industry
May 2000 - December 2000

Past Responsibilities:
Clinical Data Acquisition, Sequencing, Geneotyping, SNP Discovery, Haplotype Anaysis and Annotation, Pharmacogenomics, Setting up a CLIA GLP Laboratory, Molecular Assay Panel Development.

Academic Education
Post Doctoral Training:
Harvard Medical School
November 1999 - December 2000


  • Strong background in Molecular biology, Genomics, Genetics, Epigenetics, Bioinformatics and Biotechnologies
  • Technical expertise in a wide range of molecular biology applications with special emphasis on Sequencing, Genotyping, Gene Expression and Methylation analysis
  • Highly motivated, team-oriented professional with various experience in developing IVD and ASR products
  • Strong management skills with an ability to lead a team from project inception to project release
  • Proficient with all facets of the Molecular Product Development process, including developing and maintaining timelines and documentation
  • Successful operation and management of molecular laboratories in both high throughput research and CLIA regulated settings. Specialties

Personal Genome Annotation, Next Generation Sequencing, NGS, Omics, Functional Genome Annotation, Non Invasive Diagnostic, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Epigenetics, Pharmacogenetics, Phamacogenomics, Molecular Diagnostics, Assay Development, GLP, CLIA, Genetic Services, PCR, Sample Extractions, Nucleic Acid Synthesis and Analysis, NAT, Prenatal Diagnostics, Down Syndrome, Trisomy, Nutrigenomics, Agricultural Genomics, Methylation, Cancer, DNA, RNA, SNP, Biomarker discovery, Mass Spectrometry, LIMS, Laboratory Automation, Clinical Trial Monitoring

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Twitter @minslee66

Daniel Gradsky (Genautica, RU)